10 best insults in Logan Roy’s “Succession”

Despite his influence and the long shadows he casts, Logan Roy (a talented veteran Brian Cox) is often the least spoken man. Whether talking to family, his wife, or his subordinates InheritanceDomineering patriarchs tend to answer in one word or moan rather than the full text. It is better to communicate his disapproval or hedge a commitment to a promise he does not intend to keep. So when he becomes redundant, it’s better to stand up and pay attention. Because that usually means that there is an obscene, razor-thorny insult on the deck. Last night’s Season 3 premiere maintained energy, and Logan condemned oil-based Wayster CFO Karl’s bid for interim CEO: “If your hands are clean, the brothel also does manicure.”

To celebrate the return of the show that made Logan feel the most mean ever, this is the best Logan One Liner ever.

10. “I was trying to get advice from the clown who jumped into the shallow edge of the pool first” (“Austerlitz”, Season 1, Episode 7)

“Austerlitz” is one of the show’s most intense episodes, but when a man who moderated a family therapy session and tried to break through Logan’s tough look knocked out some of his teeth, there was a lot of dark humor. Useful. Unwise diving.

9. “People come to us because we aren’t selling anything. There are no packets of bleeding hearts, UN, Volvo, gender bender ridiculous things.” (“Sad Sack Wasp Trap” , Season 1, Episode 4)

It should be the FOX News log line.

8. “Just send the text to your phone. It’s a winding sexual intercourse.” (“Prague”, Season 1, Episode 8)

Millennial contempt and defenseless adjectives for Roman cunning frames all at once.

7. “When you laugh, do it at the same volume as everyone else. I didn’t take you from the Hyena farm.” (“Tern Haven”, Season 2, Episode 5)

To be fair, this is where Logan Roy and my dad begin to unite.

6. “Drive your fucking swirling bird.” (“Tern Haven”, Season 2, Episode 5)

We’ve seen rich people bark at drivers, but barking at helicopter pilots is another level of wealth.

5. “So sue me — my lawyer worked for the Justice Department, who is your lawyer? Mr. Fucking Magoo?” (“Summer Palace”, Season 2, Episode 1)

When Logan annihilated this Hamptons contractor very powerfully, some fans prepared him to return unprotected to help defeat Royce in the press-his phone. Is put in his pocket in a way that suggests he may be filming their encounter-or just beat him he may still be there and spend some time Maybe.

4. “This is as much choreography as a dog gets fucked on roller skates.” (“Hunting”, Season 2, Episode 3)

Lines like this are why we need a camera Inheritance The writer’s room. (This episode also won an Emmy nomination, which is very worthy of Cox.)

3. “He sells what I want at a fair price. So what’s next? Fellatio?” (“Prague”, Season 1, Episode 8)

Without a wise sense of when corporate espionage is underway, you can’t reach 50 years in business.

2. “Do you want to do good? Become a fucking nurse.” (“Nobody is missing”, Season 1, Episode 10)

Words cannot deliver justice on this line. The Emmy Awards are now named Brian Cox.

1. “Do you want to hear my favorite passage from Shakespeare? Take the fucking money.” (“Tern Haven”, Season 2, Episode 5)

Logan brought his own concise and colorful taste to the bard, but it was a beautiful dagger for the blue-blooded Snoopy pierced family.

10 best insults in Logan Roy’s “Succession”

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